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The world is coming to an end, or say they say. With all the wars going on in the world and the unpredictable climate, one cannot be more prepared with foods to keep them going during the bad times. With this in mind, and in a bid to meet the ever growing demand of dried foods, more and more companies are coming up by the day claiming to be the best at what they do. This can leave you very confused, especially if you do not know what you are looking for exactly – what tells apart the best from the mediocre. Before you go on however, you should know that legacy foo storage is here to solve your dried foods problems once and for all. It is one of those companies that is not only out to make some profit, but also ensure that the end user of the product is satisfied with the quality product provided. What right do they have to claim this you might ask?

Well, when you are choosing dried foods, the best dried foods, there are some factors that you should be on the look-out and that will greatly impact on the shelf life of the foods. The very first factor is the residual oxygen in the packaging, the ingredients used in the making of the foods and last but not the least, the materials used for the packaging of the material. Legacy food storage meets these factors and surpasses them by far as you are about to realize.

Oxygen, from your high school biology, supports life. Without it, there is no life. On the other hand, bacteria is the reason why food goes bad. It therefore goes without saying that if you get rid of the oxygen, the bacteria will not thrive and the food will have a longer shelf life. The bare minimum that is set by the industry is 2%. The company surpasses this and goes to lows of 0.11%. Outstanding right? With such low levels of oxygen, you can be sure that no organism will thrive long enough to make the food go bad. After flushing the oxygen out with nitrogen, the company introduces an oxygen absorber in the packaging to suck up the remaining gas.

The material that are used in the packaging play a huge role in ensuring that the foods have a longer shelf life. The company spends a considerable amount of money in purchasing quality storage products – Mylar which will not allow in any moisture or oxygen after they have been gotten rid of. In addition to the Mylar, the company makes use of plastic containers which protect the foods from rodents as well as from direct sunlight. There have also been reports proving that the plastic packaging comes in as a handy floating material in times of floods.

Last but not least is the ingredients that the company uses. You should note, that while other companies claim to have foods that last up to 25years, they make use of Canola, an ingredient that can only last for 2 years. Legacy food storage however does not use Canola as an ingredient but instead uses only the highest quality ingredients that have been proven and certified by the relevant authorities.

If you are looking to be prepared in times of calamity, Legacy food storage is your best shot.

Find A Dried Food Recipe For All Your Favorite Meals

Food dehydration is undeniably one of the oldest forms of preservation. It has been used since time immemorial. The only thing that is different now is that there is technology that has made the process easier and more effective. With a food dehydrator and a dried food recipe you can do a lot of things. Luckily there are just so many brands that are producing these dehydrators in various sizes and the recipes are in no short supply either. Moreover, you can also get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own fantastic recipes making all the foods that you love.

Benefits of food dehydration

The benefits of dehydrating food are just so many. For starters, with a food dehydrator you will not have to pay power bills for refrigerators. This is a really good option for people who suffer space constraints in their homes. Most food dehydrators are reasonably sized compared to refrigerators. Furthermore, while a refrigerator will have to stay running throughout the day and night, a food dehydrator will only need to be on when it is drying the food. This helps you to save up on energy bills.

Food dehydration is a simple process that will involve a few minutes of preparation and the machine does the rest for you. The machines come with timers that allow you to dry food even while you are away. You simply throw in the food that you want to dry and you can go to work. When the dehydrator finishes drying it switches itself off automatically.

There is not a single type of food that you cannot dry. The only thing that you will need is a dried food recipe and you can get started on the process. People dry everything from vegetables and fruits to meat and soups. In other words you can purchase food in bulk which is so much cheaper than buying in small amounts and then you can preserve it for later usage by drying.

Tasty foods

Perhaps one thing that you will love about food dehydration is the fact that you can lock in the taste easily. Dehydration simply removes that water in the food. The taste and aroma of the food is not affected in any way. As a matter of fact, due to the removal of the water, the food is bound to taste even better. It is a known fact that some fruits taste so much better than they originally do for instance pineapples and mangoes.

It would not be fair to close without clearing the misconception that drying food removes nutrients. Dried foods tend to be just as healthy as the original foods. The only difference is that they lack water. More so, there is no need of using any chemical preservatives in order to keep your food safe. You can easily replace the store-bought snacks and munch healthier meals. What is it that you want to dry? Find a dried food recipe and you can store away lots of your favorite foods for future use. Dried food will take an extremely long time to go bad if at all it will.

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Food Storage

Legacy Composite 07aChances are that you’ve probably heard of emergency food storage before and even though it might seem like a good idea, there are still so few people who properly implement this strategy.

Regardless of whether you’re on the fence about storing emergency food, or simply don’t know how to get started, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know throughout this article.

We’ll tell you why it’s so important, how you can get started, and also discuss budget restrictions that you might be faced with and how you can overcome them.

Why Is It so Important?

There are many single reasons why it’s important to have emergency food, but to summarize everything in one quick and concise sentence—emergency food storage is important because it can help save lives and minimize damages caused mainly by natural disasters.

Since the year of 1992, natural disasters around the world have affected more than 4.4 billion people, which is more than 60% of the world’s population. In addition to this, 1.3 million people have lost their lives due to natural disasters[1].

Here’s How You Can Get Started

Having a plan of action is essential if you want to ensure your safety during the time of a crisis; there is a lot to take into consideration so it’s important to take everything slowly so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

There are a few main elements that a good emergency food should have: nutrients, energy, convenience, low-cost, and a long shelf-life.

With that being said, canned/tinned foods are generally the best option as they meet the full criteria described above. Make sure to also include staple foods and ingredients such as flour, cooking oil, salt, cornmeal, and others. Don’t forget to have a large supply of water as well!

That’s all you need to think about whilst you’re getting started, as the days go by you can continue to learn more about emergency food storage and how you can improve your supplies.

What About Your Budget?

Budgeting is something that many people are concerned about—doesn’t emergency food cost a lot of money, and what if you never actually need to eat it? It would all be just a waste.

Even though creating a storage supply might seem to be difficult on your finances at first, the statistic above should give you enough to justify the expense. Furthermore, creating a storage supply doesn’t have to be expensive and there are many ways for you to reduce the cash outlay.

One of the best things that you could do is buy the food wholesale. For example, go to a cash & carry and purchase a lot of the food at a discount; this is sensible because you’re going to need a lot of food anyway, but you’re also going to be saving money.

Closing Notes

As you can see, there is a lot that you’ll want to take into consideration, but hopefully you now have a much better idea about everything related to emergency food storage. We’ve discussed various topics and provided you with a great insight into this subject.

Make sure to pay special attention to the “Why Is It so Important?” section; by understanding the importance of emergency food, you’ll be able to create a much better strategy for times of crisis. No need to search deeper as you can click on.

Dried Meat

Emergency storage is a prevalent theme in today’s reality that has numerous instabilities. Stop dried nourishment storage is a powerful approach to plan for some of these potential crises. Emergency sustenance storage dinners keep on blasting in the commercial center. On account of this increment in fame, the opposition for organizations making stop dried suppers has additionally expanded. The increment in rivalry has given various awesome decisions of feast choices. Some survival sustenance suppers are made without real meat in them.

A considerable measure of times this is by configuration. Making the feast without meat makes to a greater degree a vegan choice for buyers. Ordinarily, when these dinners are made without meat, a high protein soy based protein is utilized both for flavor and for the fundamental protein that the body needs. Another explanation behind dividing the meat from the supper, is for the time span of usability. Stop dried meat can have to a lesser degree a timeframe of realistic usability, anywhere in the range of 10 to 25 years, where the long haul nourishment storage without meat can have a 25+ year time span of usability.

Indeed, even with these awesome nourishment alternatives, for some, there is not at all like having meat with a supper. Furthermore, that is not just for the immense protein that it gives additionally to the taste. On account of this, the stop dried nourishment storage industry has been making stop dried meat choices independent from anyone else. An immaculate fit for these alternatives are whether somebody claims various stop dried dinners and needs to have meat to oblige them. A few individuals have these mass sustenance storage suppers for crises where as others utilize them all the time.

One of alternate advantages with having the stop dry meat separate is that on the off chance that you needed to take the meat outdoors and not raise a cooler to keep it cool and have the capacity to add it to a feast you plan. Including the stop dried meat to a regular feast is likewise a decent alternative. Having the meat independently bundled does give more alternatives on how it can be utilized. Some of these meats come preseasoned to function admirably with prepackaged nourishment storage dinners, outdoors or cooking and the preseasoning can help lessen the planning time. What’s more, moreover, in a survival sort circumstance or even on a hiking trek, flavoring may not be accessible.

Make certain to store an emergency treatment pack and additionally squander evacuation gear. On the off chance that you are going to set yourself up to act naturally sufficient for a term of time, you will require an extensive variety of hardware. Look to a mixture of Internet locales to find how new innovation has wiped out numerous survival hardships.

The sorts of stop dried nourishments that is accessible is sure to take care of a great deal of wholesome issues that can happen amid crises. Make certain to build your protein and keep your body as solid as could reasonably be expected by having the same number of diverse assortments of nourishment that you can securely store. Keep in mind that natural products, vegetables and particularly dairy is key for kids and ladies so as to meet the more noteworthy requests for calcium and different supplements for developing youngsters.

The two most prevalent sorts of stop dry meat are chicken and hamburger. These are prepackaged and wrapped independently and afterward put in a durable compartment. These sustenance storage holders are like ones the stop dried suppers come in. Stop dried meat is a decent supplement to a sustenance storage arrangement, outdoors trip or ordinary dinner. Prepared stop dry meat likewise gives a pleasant arrangement choice.